Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Frustration ...

Let a man set his heart ONLY on doing the will of God and he is instantly free. - A.W. Tozer

Today I experienced frustration. The deep, unsettling, disappointing kind, and to be honest when it was all said and done I was a little heartbroken. As I stepped back I realized my mistake in dropping my guard and putting too much trust in others. However, I was content to wallow in my self pity and frustration...which was ultimately leading to anger.

Then God brought me here ... to this quote. It literally popped up on my screen - coincidence, I think not.

Let a man set his heart only on doing the will of God ... my probelms so often stem from me trying to do so much more than the will of God. Impress people, make a name for myself, prove myself, make people pay for wrongs, etc. My heart needs to be set only on doing the will of God. God has put me exactly where I am for such a time as this. I have a divine purpose here - and God is so much bigger than even that. He is going to work out his purpose in me all the way to completion. When I let myself get distracted and discouraged by the things that are just simply not the will of God ... well it's then that I fall flat on my face and end up heart broken and defeated.

The second part of this quote is my favorite - he is INSTANTLY free. The minute I decide to stop chasing after the things of this world and refocus all my attention on the will of God ... the things of God, I am instantly free. Free from the pressures and expectations, free from the disappointment and anger. I'm free to allow God to be who He is - and for Him to work in me the way he so desires.

I desire to be free ... and I desire to set my heart on the will of God. It's a choice, a decision I must make. When the world tries to creep back in and when I find myself heartbroken by words and disappointments - I will cling to the truth that it's not about me ... It's all about Him. And I will focus all my time and energy on that - and I will be FREE!

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